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I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy little rescue mutt, a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. I have two handsome sons and six adorable grandchildren. By day, I'm a respectable accountant and grandmother, but after hours my imagination soars and I become a writer of romances that span the galaxy and encompass beings of all sizes, shapes and origins. I first started telling stories as a child and I just couldn't seem to stop. So, I figured I might as well make it official. I became a published author. 

My other hobbies include kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, swimming, skating, karate, playing guitar, singing and of course, reading 

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Merlin the Wonder Dog

Resident Evil (also known as Jeff )

Resident Evil (also known as Jeff )

Meet Merlin the wonder dog. He can dance on his hind legs for minutes on end (especially if there is a treat in site), make cookies dissappear faster than the speed of light and is willing to listen to me go on endlessly about the problems in my romance plots. His hobbies are running agility courses and conning small humans out of any food they happen to be holding. Except onions. He doesn't like onions. He loves carrots, though, especially raw crunchy ones. 


Resident Evil (also known as Jeff )

Resident Evil (also known as Jeff )

Resident Evil (also known as Jeff )

Jeff is a gorgeous twenty pound long haired feline that likes to hide and ambush Merlin when he is least expecting it. He refuses to eat anything but Meow Mix, loves to watch the fish swim in the aquarium and likes to be brushed every single morning before I have my coffee. His hobbies include attacking anything that moves, and collecting rubber bands in little piles beside his food dish. I am guilty of sprinkling rubber bands around the house so he's too busy to attack my legs.  I'm not sure he believes in romance.