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Come party with your favorite romance authors!

Virtual New Year's party at TRSparties.com with lots of prizes.

Holiday Reads

Yule Tied: Oops!

Contemporary Christmas Story where three women decide to fight for their beliefs.


Stephanie, Jackie and Caroline. The three women have been friends for years, and they've built themselves a nice bed and breakfast /ranch operation. But with less than a fortnight to Christmas, a ruthless banker has swindled them out of their beloved home. What will they do?

Well, kidnapping him and holding him hostage until he decides to do the right thing sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately, it all goes hilariously wrong when they discover they've kidnapped the wrong man. Bondage, obedience classes and more are needed to make sure there's a Merry Christmas this year! 

Changeling's Christmas Anthology

Anthology of short stories -erotic romances


Thirteen tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors!

Ayla Ruse -- Racing Wild: A wild race can lead to anything -- even love.

Anne Kane -- Tinsel Wars: Braedon intends to win the final skirmish in the Tinsel Wars!

Ruth D. Kerce -- Christmas Cowboy: Chaz breeds horses. What’s a cowboy supposed to do with a herd of reindeer?

Dahlia Rose -- Silver Bells: Tia was the sexy little elf that made Danny Grinch’s Christmas that much hotter.

Crymsyn Hart -- Sleigh Balls: Instead of snow this Christmas, it’s raining reindeer!

Lena Austin -- Ghosting: Ghost hunting means sometimes you find a ghost you weren’t expecting, when you aren’t even looking.

Judy Mays -- Jingle Buds: Dr. Jon Claus finds the perfect woman when Emily Olson’s grandmother gets run over by a reindeer!

Julia Talbot -- Merry X-Moose: Can a were-moose and a Santa-obsessed Elf fall in love -- and save Christmas at the same time?

Lily Vega -- Wicked Game: All’s fair in love and war during Santa’s Reindeer Games.

CJ England -- Snip! Snap! Dragon!: With a fiery Snip! Snap! a passionate modern day dragon lures his forever mate into the flames.

Ana Raine -- White Stag: When the scent of peppermint reaches his nose Crane knows he has to remember or lose it all forever.

Sara Jay -- Sleigh Ride: Can one magical sleigh ride deliver love to two lonely Elves?

Sean Michael -- Five Golden Beads: When kinky gifts begin arriving, Shay knows it’s time for a visit from his very own special Elf.

Tinsel Wars! (Reindeer Games series)

Christmas Story with elves, reindeer and Holiday fun


Misty knows if Braedon finds out about her parents, he'll never want to see her again. She can't face loving him just to have him turn on her when he discovers the truth, so she pushes him away -- far away, to the ends of the world they both know.

Braedon knows what he wants, and he won't be easily discouraged. The annual Reindeer games are coming, and he has a plan that will throw Misty right into his arms. He intends to win the final skirmish in the Tinsel Wars!


The Roosters - Bad Boys you're going to love!


Meet them Here!

She missed the last shuttle

Now she's stranded on earth


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