Merry Christmas!

As a special present to my readers, and a thank you for your support I have a short Story - A Merry Cyborg Christmas - Free to everyone. You can find it here - https://dl.bookfunnel.com/l4rhnh18hf

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Duet - Dark Kisses / Seducing Destiny

Meet the werewolves of the Northern Rockies pack.

Dark Kisses and Seducing Destiny are the first two books in my new series about the werewolves of the Northern Rockies Pack.  

If you want a peek into pack life, check out Diane's Choice on the Free Reads page of this site. 

I plan to release a new book in this paranormal romance series every three months, so if you enjoy the Duet, watch for new installments in the series in January and April of 2020. 

Happy Reading!

Anne Kane


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Running from the Cyborg -Now Available!

Running from the Cyborg Cover picture

She can run but she can't hide from the sexy cyborg who's claimed her as his own. 

Snuggle up for fall with a sizzling, sexy cyborg!

A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg

Liam and Emma are made for each other


Liam is the most deliciously bothersome cyborg Emma has ever met. Like most of his kind, he's arrogant, opinionated, and amazingly good in bed. When he rescues her from a kidnap attempt, he decides he needs more time to get to know her so he heads to the far side of the galaxy instead of taking her home.

Along the way they pick up a furry little creature who turns out to be quite capable of defending itself and are attacked by a ship full of pirates who want to get their hands on the little critter. Life is never dull when a cyborg has you in his sights!

Get Off My Cloud

Lucas has no intention of letting Olivia get away again - they just have to survive the dinosaurs


Six months ago, Lucas met the woman of his dreams, but after a night of amazing sex he woke up to find himself alone. Sent to rescue the daughter of a billionaire from her own folly, he discovers her to be the same woman, and this time he intends to make sure she stays put.

When Olivia discovers a herd of live dinosaurs existing on a small island in the South Pacific, she's ecstatic. This discovery could crown her career as a paleontologist and put to rest the rumors that her daddy bought her position for her! Of course, when her father sends someone to drag her home, she's not willing to comply and the couple must find a way to deal with the sizzling attraction between them while running from a herd of angry prehistoric beasts. (Contemporary Romance)

Her Cyborg Champion

An intergalactic game of hide and seek, with a sexy human female as the prize.


Zoe is five feet, six inches of green-eyed, red-haired militant activist. A deeply ingrained need to help those who can't help themselves -- human and otherwise -- motivates her every move. She snuck into the Mailon research facility to investigate rumors of experiments being conducted on a rare and highly intelligent species of sentient mammals. Now she finds herself in need of help to rescue one very sick little battle rat.

Greyson is six and a half feet of ruggedly muscular cyborg with a penchant for violence. He loves to fight, and he fights to win. What he hates is being sent to the Mailon research facility on a petty errand. When he catches a glimpse of a former lover flitting around the facility like an impossibly sexy cat burglar, he is intrigued. What is the saucy little wench up to, and why is she stalking him through the corridors of the alien laboratory?