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New Releases

Ride 'em Cowboy

        Contemporary romance, Roosters, MC romance,


Fiona really wasn’t in the market for a lover or a partner or some guy to give her a sappy sweet happily ever after. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it. She just wanted a nice one-night stand. She planned to be long gone come breakfast time.

When she saw that gorgeous cowboy ride up on his Harley, she figured it was her lucky day. Bikers don’t do forever, right? Her perfect match! They could tell each other a few lies, scratch each other’s itches and then go their separate ways. The last thing she needed was to hook up with some guy she’d smack headlong into at church the next day.

Simple, right? So how did it all go so very wrong?

Selkie's Seduction

paranormal romance


From award-winning writer Anne Kane comes the romance  of a sexy Druid and a sassy Selkie with a fear of commitment.

When Nikki's sister sends a modern day Druid to warn her about impending danger, the attraction is instant and mutual, but the Selkie is having none of his silly talk about destined mates. Her animal form is a free-spirited otter, and she fears the call of the wild might be too strong to allow her to settle down and raise a family.

But when the danger becomes all too real, Nikki's link with the sexy Druid is her only comfort, and she realizes some risks just might be worth taking. Sexy Druid meets sassy Selkie with a fear of commitment.

Available in print or ebooks format.

One Hot Fairy Tale

romance, fairy tale, genie, humor


Rhiannon is sick and tired of her job. She wants out. Literally. For the past six hundred years she's been the Genie in the Lamp. You know the drill. Some dumb human comes along, rubs the lamp, and presto! Rhiannon has to grant them three wishes. She's tired of humans, and she's tired of making their dreams come true. She petitions the head of the Council of the Fae to replace her, and she's ecstatic when her request is granted.

Of course, there's one teensie little condition. Isn't there always?


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